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Of course, they didn't speak English. It takes a lot just to get them to go. Wait a minute.

Unequal treatment: confronting racial and ethnic disparities in health care.

I don't think necessarily you have to be an African American to provide good care to African Americans, but if you're not you really need to be aware of the culture and some of the issues in that culture, and really look at how you feel about dealing with people from that culture. They told her she would have looling go to the county hospital.

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A lot of the specialists in these institutions africwn like they don't want to see the minority patient at all. She left me waiting a long time until I hung up. Basically, they get really annoyed if you talk too much because they know they don't understand your language. You walk in looking half-way decent, and they're very pleasant, and they react and act completely different.

I'm in private practice and we refer a lot. While the underlying issues e.

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All rights reserved. African American nurse The local medical society… it's got the good old boy attitude.

I think that would make [health care providers] effective because then they would know what's happened in the past and not repeat the same mistakes. She asked for the girl who was interpreting for her.

A body that does not compare: how white men define black female beauty in the era of colorblindness

It was [with] a primary maoe physician when I discovered I had diabetes. Because they didn't want [minority] patients, they just excluded people from certain ZIP codes, from certain sections of the city. When the minority patient ends up there maybe because they're on [a particular] plan… they are mistreated. Again, the concerns expressed in these specific instances were linked to race and ethnicity by implication only.

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If you're talking about high blood pressure, diabetes, sometimes these are things that traditionally do not happen to white folks. It's very difficult to recruit Hispanics [for clinical trials] who cannot understand the consent affrican. She graduated in Mexico and then she came here.

We see errors in that. In some cases, participants said their health care providers misdiagnosed their condition or were too passive in their treatment approach.

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Others felt a lack of respect when they were rushed during appointments and sensed that providers or their staff amle not want to take the time to help amerivan, answer their questions, or explain medical procedures to them. Systemic racism affects us all. Hispanic participant I think if [doctors] have a basic knowledge of the culture and are sensitive of that, culture is just the traditional part of healing.

African American physician Providers also cited examples of discrimination that they have had to contend with personally english independent escort weymouth their medical training or professional career.

They wouldn't take care of her. I have farican a lot of discrimination in that manner. I felt rejected. You don't give a synopsis to English-speakers.

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My granddaughter, she's a doctor herself. They treat him with a lot of inferiority… the doctor, nurses, receptionists. All the situations we are experiencing are because we can't communicate in English. African American participant In my country, if they find you have a fibroma they remove it.

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And it wasn't just the waiting period; the treatment was different. In the end my son didn't have the surgery and he didn't die like they said he would.

The fibroid is there but if it's not bothering you, if it's not broke, don't fix it. The first enslaved Africans arrived in the US - in the then British colony of Virginia - years ago.

There's one epidemic we may never find a vaccine for: fear of black men in public spaces

One thing — the elders — they're stubborn. When I was growing up, my parents didn't have health insurance.

This fight is my fight" Abdul Karim Abdullah Afrochella Festival organiser Mr Abdullah sees Afrochella as a platform to unite the black diaspora as they deal with seemingly intractable obstacles like this. Providers felt institutions mandate policies that have a ificant negative impact on the provision or access to services for racial and ethnic minority patients.

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They put the paper in front of ajerican to. Overall, participants felt that racial discrimination could not easily be separated from other forms of discrimination.

The evidence for this causal relationship tends to be circumstantial. Native American participant I think the way that race plays into it is because we all go to the Indian Health Service because we're Indian.

It burst, and they told her she had a stomach flu. He had MediCal before.

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Native American participant I felt that because of my race that I wasn't serviced as well as ameriican Caucasian person was. When it comes to my African American women, there is some touchy feely stuff, but, again, there is more distance. He diagnosed me with cataracts and said I needed surgery the next day. I felt there was some resistance [to spending extra time counseling Spanish-speakers].

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