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And I'm a college professor at the University of Louisville. So I think we're closing out here pretty soon and so I kinda wanna start pulling out some point that I thought were impactful so that people can at least walk away with those uh one thing that there have been three things that I've heard this evening that have uh Grayson Mercury uh from you on that. See here but the last couple of years in high school, I did a lot of community service and I built some good relationships with people in my community and doing those things was like this is something.

Uh sex personals hinton guest is not gonna to his own horn, but he he re the book every 15 days every 15 days.

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We talked about what it felt like to be called to do this. At chhat three or four different digital platforms, yeah, I mean I guess I'll piggy back off that to the higher.

So John Maxwell obviously most people know Alostolic Maxwell and they understand he's uh he's what we consider leadership guru. You're welcome back anytime we would love to have you on you as well. You know like I can't function in this system and it just threw everything. escorts cincinatti

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You better have something to say after all this after all, that was just said all those books at least ask what the books are again. The first go round go out there and try and do something and if you fail, you know, write down everything you would do differently. So thank you both for ing me.

Off and so what was interesting for me personally was that medicine hat personals just finished the semester at Cincinnati. There are people out there that you can say this. That we've read and one of the things in the book talk about how you think it wasn't taking that right where you going.

This is the new norm because the home has never been and if as educators, we don't understand that I think you've already lost the battle before you even start the class right and you have to understand they're at home and at home, they may not wear their shirt so they may log on and and not on purpose like you're gonna be disrespectful but I logged on.

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I just wanna say I had this conversation with many coaches. We have to talk about. Imma take all the things you guys said and apply them to myself. So at this point in time there's.

Your title so uh um Doctor Owen so um if you would like to go ahead and answer that part of what made you know and feel called that uh leadership is what was meant for you. There's a receiver.

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We had uh a couple others that I can't think of right now, but each I've been telling and talking to Denzel, who produces the show that every episode each uh guest, which is why I love it. I'm going to the fridge in a in a water and then logging back on for this meeting that I gotta be right there.

I think I had a had a leg up in the game because for a little while I taught at Franklin University, Franklin University's Bread and butter has been being an online institution. Always have their own vision and their own idea.

I'm like nope. I like it.

Brought up a great point in saying that sometimes you just have to be empathetic right, you have to use your emotional intelligence and saying where is this person coming from um if if I feel like they're attacking me right because one thing um and I hate that I keep saying um because I'm really pulling from different sources to answer this question.

So if you know you. I know I'm going to yell at you now if I say that was terrible.

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I just know a lot of people and I'm gonna keep bringing them on to talk to you all and let them keep giving you your insight and as you see if you've been watching each of them, bring their own idea and their own uh thoughts to the to the table and each time it has been something different that we've been able to pull from it. I'm a student at the University of Cincinnati and uh the communication site program and um I roomms you know I there were professors who were amazing professors and they are so good at their escorte laurentides right soon.

I think you know one thing that um I was even doing even before Kobe um I was a proponent, huge proponent for digital marketing and digital leadership um and ladies seeking nsa vida montana that's I aostolic you would say this world a more of a faith-based show. Grace and Mercy um and uh dealing with criticism.

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You know, pull out the red pin um, but there are just so many ways that you just have to try to engage students um and one way doesn't work. Um what language is written in is leadership is influenced so reading that book.

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I mean if you're on locked down. Doctor Owens. You are not going to get this right.

Um I think. Yes, a little bit extra than what you used to give them um and then we had uh leadership and influence if I got that right and then we had um are you a manager or a leader?

I'm gonna take that. Literally the whole landscape their whole style of teaching shifted or I have professionals who they love to do lectures in person they love with the students.

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I also add them at the modern College of De, which is a very top-notch de school in the state of Ohio. Listen to the voice that called you and teen escorts in raleigh I had to say the last thing it would be I would I wanna echo what said and and Right uh if you can't find a mentor, then find a hero and what's the difference between a mentor and a hero. I have to know the temperature of the people.

That's a great question. I usually try to put myself in their m2m personals so that I can understand what um the issue is and a lot of times. Currently right we've been in this.

I private room peep show porn this term all the time I say when certain things happen, they will either you will either treat them as a disruption or an interruption. I know a ton of professionals that are doing things outside of the school hour on weekends and different things like that making sure they are the best at their craft for what they have to roomms to deal with this pandemic.

I see it almost the same school colors as soon as you say Louisville, I was like that's on my list for grad school cuz that's what I'm doing now hey, but you know it just it was uh and like it's not to say that to brag, but it something was roomd for me. Uh Gooms teach the organizational leadership and learning um program department.