Where is the show taking place?

O2 arena, Prague, Czech Republic

Who is playing?

Above & Beyond will bring the very best of their Anjunabeats and Anjunadeep record labels to ABGT350. Full line up coming soon.

What time does ABGT350 start and finish?

The show begins at 7:30pm local time and concludes at 4:30am.

What are the set times for ABGT?

Coming soon.

How do I get to and from the venue?

The O2 arena is located at Českomoravská Street No. 2345/17, Prague 9.

The metro station “Českomoravská” (yellow line B) is located next to O2 arena. From here, you can enter the arena via the North entrance.

Buses 151, 152, 375 also terminate at “Českomoravská” station.

The nearest tram station is “Multiaréna Praha” (lines 8, 25 and night line 92) which is a short walk away from the South entrance of the O2 arena.

Bus terminal and railway station “Praha-Libeň” is a short walk away from the arena.

For more information of how to get there by public transport or by car, check the O2 arena website.

Is ABGT wheelchair accessible?

Yes! There are barrier-free entrances for people with disabilities located on the 1st Floor of the O2 arena North entrance - accessible from Ocelarska St., the Ceskomoravska underground station and Sokolovska tram stop.

The O2 arena features a total of 48 seats for wheelchair users and their escorts. In each of the 103, 104, 120 and 121 sectors in rows no. 20 and 21 and in sectors no. 117 and 118, in rows no. 17 and 18, there is a platform allowing for comfortable viewing of performances to eight wheelchair users and their escorts. Due to the varied layout for individual events, it is not always possible to fully use the capacity of areas designated for wheelchair users.

The presence/transport of people with disabilities is specified in detail in the “Guidelines for Persons with Disabilities” available at the North info-reception desk of the Red Ring.

More info: Here.

Is there re-entry at ABGT?

No. Tickets are valid for single use only.

What are the ticket price categories?

The first few ticket releases have now sold out. There are only final release tickets left, starting from €62.50 + fees.

When will I get my ticket?

If you buy an e-ticket through Paylogic, you will receive your voucher immediately by e-mail after the purchase. This voucher needs to be exchanged at Paylogic desks at the O2 arena on the day of the event.

If you order a ticket through Ticketportal, you have several options to choose from. A 'HOMEticket’ is an e-ticket that is sent to you via email immediately after your purchase. If you select the option ‘Personally’, you will need to collect your ticket at the O2 arena cash desk or at any Ticketportal points of sale in the Czech Republic

What is the difference between Ticketportal and Paylogic tickets?

Ticketportal is the official ticketing platform for the O2 arena Prague. All the above ticket options are available on this website, however you are only able to transact in Czech currency.

Paylogic is the ticketing platform of United Music Events, the hosts of ABGT350 and Transmission festival. You will be directed to Paylogic when you click ‘BUY’ on the ABGT350.live ticket page. This platform allows you transact in Euros and it provides an easier user experience for English speakers. However, you have to exchange your Paylogic voucher for the ticket on the day of the event at the Paylogic exchange desks next to the main entrance of the venue.

Note that there’s a limited amount of tickets available through Paylogic and when they sell out, which we expect they will very quickly, you’ll need to visit the ticketing platform of O2 arena - Ticketportal - to purchase one of the remaining tickets.

Are there any travel packages for ABGT?

Paylogic and Festicket will be selling travel packages.

Can you upgrade to VIP after purchasing regular ticket?

Tickets are sold out, will more be released?

Yes, there may be a re-release of tickets from O2 Club Floor members closer to the event date. Please join our WAITLIST to be the first to know when they become available.

Does the ticket price also include entrance to the Anjunadeep event on the following day or is that extra?

No. Visitors need a separate ticket for the Anjunadeep event on Sunday. Get your ticket here.

Is ABGT part of Transmission Festival?

No - but there are combo tickets for both events which you can find here.

I’m having issues purchasing tickets / I’m having issues with the ticketing website / I have a question about my ticket purchase / Where is my e-ticket?

Please contact customer support at info@unitedmusic.cz

What’s the age limit?

Strictly 18+. You will need ID to access the venue.

What sort of ID will I need?

An ID card or passport. Driver’s license is not considered as ID.

Can I bring a camera into the venue?

No professional recording equipment is allowed in the venue. This includes GoPro cameras. There will be a thorough bag and security check prior to entry including a metal detector screening.

Can I bring a flag or a sign into the venue?

Yes, however be aware that small, hand held signs and flags are preferable and flag poles or totems are not permitted.

What else can't I bring into a venue?

Visitors are not allowed to bring: alcohol, umbrellas (with the exception of folding umbrellas if it is raining), food and beverages (with the exception of substantiated health reasons), bottles, pressurized items, containers of all types (glass or PET bottles, cans, tins, etc.), unworn clothes, political and advertising materials (it is possible to bring advertising materials into the VIP area after prior consent of the Operator), glass or glass items, drugs, toxic and intoxicating substances, excessive sized baggage, weapons (thrusting, cutting, firing, etc.), poles/rods (selfie sticks, flagpoles, pole handles etc.), scissors, laptop computers (with the exception of VIP floors), any kind of recording device, namely data, video and audio (exceptions are generally granted by the Event Organizer), explosive substances (blasting agents, detonating agents and explosive flammable substances), flammable substances, binoculars, telescopes, perfumes - more than 100 ml (upon request of an arena security worker during the entry security check, the owner is obligated to try the perfume on him or herself), lacquers or spray deodorants - more than 100 ml (upon request of an arena security worker during the entry security check, the owner is obligated to try the spray deodorant on him or herself), children’s prams (including the so called “strollers”), bicycles, scooters (and other transportation means or sports instruments and equipment) and other dangerous items that could cause damage to health or property of the O2 arena, Event Organizer and Visitors. The O2 arena Operator or Event Organizer has the right to decide whether specific items are dangerous or not.

Are there lockers or cloakrooms available?

ABGT will offer you e-lockers to make your arrival to the O2 arena as smooth as possible - please note that e-lockers must be purchased separately and are not included in the regular ticket price. Get yours here.

The lockers for REGULAR TICKET holders are located on the 4th floor, accessible by escalators from the main entrance / north foyer. Locker size is: 30x40x24 cm and fits 2 to 3 coats, depending on type of coat. Price online will be 8€ + 0,50€ service fee.

BENEFITS OF E-LOCKERS: 1. No waiting when entering or leaving the venue. 2. Accessible during whole event & share with friends. 3. No deposit, no key.

BENEFITS OF BUYING ONLINE: 1. Cheaper than at the event. 2. Locker is easily accessible all night. 3. No waiting in lines. 4. You can share the locker number + pincode with your friends.

E-lockers sale is available for REGULAR TICKET holders only! Goldfingers VIP ticket holders have free cloakroom available at the entrance to VIP terrace. Golden ticket holders have free cloakroom available at the club floor.

Will there be merchandise available for purchase?

Yes! There will be a new ABGT350 range available for purchase.

Will there be food and drinks available at the event? Vegetarian/Vegan?

There are food and drinks stands in the O2 arena located in the red ring. You will be able to find vegetarian / vegan food there. On the dance floor, there is only a bar with drinks available.

Will there be anywhere to sit down inside the venue?

There are seats in the corridors of the O2 arena where visitors can sit down and take a break. This area is called ‘the red ring’.

Is there anywhere I can charge my phone?

We do NOT provide phone charging stations. We suggest bringing an external battery / power pack.

Do I need a visa to enter Czech Republic?

The Czech Republic is a member of the European Union (EU) and of the Schengen area, therefore most visitors do not require a visa to visit Prague, just a valid passport (or ID card for EU citizens). For more details, visit the official CZ Ministry website.

Where should I stay and what should I do over the weekend?

Prague is a city with ancient history, unparalleled beauty and the best beer in Europe. We recommend researching a few areas and wandering through the maze of cobbled lanes. There will be official and fan-organised activities happening throughout the weekend, keep an eye on the official event page or our Reddit for more details and to link up with other fans.

Will there be a livestream?

YES! We’ll be beaming this event around the world once again. We'll be streaming live on YouTube, NetEase, Facebook, Twitter and Twitch. Take part in the show using the hashtag #ABGT350.

Is there an afterparty?

Yes, on Sunday October 13, Anjunadeep will host a special winter warmer edition of Anjunadeep Open Air at Křižíkova Fountain. So please wrap up warm (but if the weather gods do conspire against us, we’ll have a nearby indoor venue lined up as back-up). Get your ticket here.