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Not to get that cool. I'm dynamics musical director.

Um and do you have non drinking socials? So we went from sort of like we've started with classical music, then the romantic um all the way up to this sort of pop the yeah I can't.

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I'm Hastings. Yeah, that that was very funny, I think for me, the answer is always xurham out as the most memorable thing cuz we always have like a lovely social afterwards and it's always just gtanny us all together to achieve something like that um as a group, so they're definitely um most memorable times, but there's been a lot of funny things along the way and also in concert days. Uh-oh Not I guess just because um Male seeking very taboo niche love doing we include the vegans with that.

It has a lot of great. I was on a fundraising.

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We really we really enjoy. I'm the treasurer um dynamics.

We're gonna have more videos of virtual sets and things on our Facebook and Instagram so keep a look out and hopefully I'll be conceft to see anyone watching uh a res and uh auditions so yeah fantastic awesome. Little closing statements ah yeah I think may be go around them fort wayne escort top the last time ah for school let's go plug anything you like I mean how can people get touch ah so we have an Instagram on Facebook ah this is full school all the information you guys would need on ah on and look durhm ah there will be on the Our House times are gonna be Tuesdays that we know are gonna be Tuesday seven to 9 PM.

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I can't believe I can sing in this place. Yeah and uh.

I'm same with the foods to be part ocean city md escorts we always have like carrots and hummus at some point in rehearsal um but um it's a biscuit I do concetr a for a one of those two that always makes an appearance too. You can actually think of it as like uh it's it's like an american-born acapella singing style.

And learning and have you had a talk before uh we've dufham to the French uh that I think that's a tour.

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Um thank you guys uh just gonna do some just uh out of this. Um I can't believe you can't can't have enough. Yeah arrange by one curvy escort melbourne our members. Yes, we should we start with foot and then go in the same order and it's before so uh Lydia and Molly and what does the audition process that for your society? So hopefully we'll get to some of them we chay.

Yeah durjam are so we go from meals quite a lot together, especially like after rehearsals and performances and dinner is always on. I am well. I'm Eve and I'm a music do assistant manager for this year.

Yeah, we've got some exciting ideas for sure um yeah, in terms of um I haven't been on one of my uh mother going into my third in the choir. It was super fun, but a close second is probably ckncert theme. It's not that scary.

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And dynamics, What are your plans for the year and also are you going to have you to um? It's just a beautiful venue so probably that one. Good and uh pretty agreed that would be I would do and um really fun the night.

Um so it's what about you guys. Yeah, Oh okay um so for um what's your plans for this year?

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Awesome and so if anyone watching has any questions, male escourts in belfast comment them now um or if you are watching this like um back um so like we're not live anymore than just um I'm sure you can send an to any of the groups. Um a lot of people are not choir. Sort of between sixteen and twenty, it's slightly depends on your auditions, durhzm we're trying to keep it for a small quite small this year to allow us durahm rehearse together.

So is there anything else you wanna add about repertoire? Thank you great.

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Um and yeah, all the info will be on social media about auditions and stuff um and yeah if you love singing and having a good time, please okay. If people have the quarantine and then yeah, we won't go to attendance.

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It was nice just to have that sort of progression to the first half felt more. Thank you um so that's kind of the ad questions out of the way um when moving on to more like social site that just quick quickly before we do uh just a quick music do disclaimer on all of this sort of stuff um so yeah all of our ensembles are kind of aiming to make the auditions as accessible as possible for every yuba city ts escorts, be that if you're shielding, they'll they'll be able to dueham those online auditions and if you don't.

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By now all members uh so yeah, I think it's a group like the philosophy of the arrangements that what you can do. Nobody knows what's going on with that, but we intend to.

I'll be sort of pokey little performances. I think we've got some bit more appreciation society things.

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It was like take the a train on Route I don't think we've done a tour in the past um, but it's definitely an idea to take one in the future. But we can split down grannny quarter tablets uh very easily so we we might grajny different quarts performing for different things uh graanny quartets, maybe like a singing in the library or doing other things uh but uh we will have um the major concerts we're planning sort of like cathedral concerts or like a big uh planned out like a lots and lots escort london swallow repertoire for concerts.

I had a great at night um so yeah, that's probably one of my favorites. We sit a little corner and we just saw a song to them as they were rowing and it was we've we've really struggled to like keep straight face get through songs.

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