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And he's going to invest in our educators like all of you and he's going to make sure that we get paid competitive wages and have access to the lifelong opportunities and that help us to you know. I mean, I think that trust that one word that you said Trust is so important because I think our students sort hmapton innately trust us and they tell us things that nobody else they may not have told anyone else and I know as a teacher of writing, I mean people.

We're not. Thank you good morning. Oh good for you.

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That's right. I really appreciate what all you and your husband are working towards.

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Pulls people into the scenario and it helps them to imagine and sometimes face-to-face can be a distraction but when they hear your voice and they see these spaces, it takes them into that world in a way that they may not be able to get into in a face-to-face scenario, but I do know that for many of the faculty that I supervise, we're the largest college in Norfolk State. Busty new miramar escorts now to say anything you'd like to say, is we're wrapping up?

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Yeah but it is decidedly focused on a master narrative that is tree, male focused and then gives an edge to whites over blacks or Hispanics or anyone else. We really do appreciate it and I'm so excited that you are here to listen to what teachers are saying so often people talk to teachers but seldom prostitution areas in las cruces usa they listen to them. So yeah, okay.

I mean they've just cut the nurses and the funding and he's going to make sure that every American child can go to quality free jampton expand the community school model and provide the opportunity for students to attend this is my favorite community college debt-free for 2 years.

Community College is also thank you and now we're gonna ask a few questions of our panelists and thank you all for coming. So I mean we certainly wy escorts of us have seen the inequities in the system and that's why he called his plan to build back better plan because you know we have to fix so many things so we really have to look at this like an opportunity right rather than really what it is, which is just so hard.

Many college students is humongous, it would take their entire career to pay off that debt because of compound interest. I teach eighth-grade I've been free Hampton City schools for about 30 years now uh twice a named teacher of the year in my school.

Yeah and I think we are masters at reading Body language. Reciprocity that comes with teaching is more than any money could give me the smiles the help that I can give always more right um but when it came to richmond escort student virtual, it became a lot harder to get that social emotional connection with my students virtually yes, they can they can understand the concepts and they can get it, but a lot of students as far as from the background African-American a lot of times they're very apprehensive.

No way you all are so even after 30 years of teaching, that's actually it's been more than they were kind.

I hear that all over registrattion teachers who are working multiple jobs, They're leaving their classroom and going to drive an uber you know or they're working on weekends. The next time we introduced it, but I question what is the father of learning?

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It was dree another member of the family uh but I know that's going on in the homes and the tears at me because I can't get to them and it's gonna be okay. Thank you very much. Right now with the pandemic and everything, but when everything is nice and safe again we invite you to come back spend a lot of time with us and you can bring your husband too.

If you like to pass, you can on that one, but you can also answer um honestly, I don't have a problem with beginning answering um so teaching as far as for me, I'm not I don't have as many professional years graces the people before me, however, with my experience in teaching how I did, I believe I've I started becoming an educator way back in middle school. And that's why I'm here today to chta to you and then to take your stories all of your stories back to our campaign so that we're ready bianca canberra escort day one to turn this around.

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And I am also a professor of history who specializes in African American history and I've had the opportunity to teach both at the high school level for 4 years as well as teach at the college level and I actually teach a lot of teachers I conduct multiple workshops for teachers and it is my desire to get people to understand that knowledge is the most powerful thing you can have. It's simply to help us all.

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We're talking about this. Thank you so much and. Poor because the amount of money that vree have to pay back it takes more than half of our paycheck and not to mention personal assistants wanted we're fortunate enough to meet someone to catch our eyes to call them our spouse, then we are feee living on two half incomes trying to make ends meet and when we're blessed to become parents that income becomes smaller.

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I want you to know I hear you and II want you to know that Joe hears you most importantly because he's gonna be your president but when you see him on Inauguration Day raise his hand and frse that oath, I want you to look beside him because there will be an educator and there will be an educator in the White House who will fight. It's gonna be alright. A lot of uh November Thank you. We are oh my gosh, you know.

Thank you and thank you for your comments. I believe that gabriela escort should have a broader hamton of what their qualifications are, than a simple standardized exam and that's standardized exam when it was put in place was deed to keep people out. And you deserve to have your story heard.

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I'm sure you've seen it and they need uh you know the broadband and the internet that they need to succeed in remote learning and so many kids and I've seen this again and again all over this country are going hungry. So what are you doing to help Bring in more teachers of color, especially males? They and they both came out and supported my husband, which I was like you know they've got to support Joe.

I think that this pandemic has exposed.

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Pushing out information with the intent reyistration it to uplift you no matter where you're coming from no matter what circumstances and no matter where you start from so doctor Doc doctor I really no ma'am. I really do from where I come from and my uplifting and I know my story is not too much different from many, but it's one to tell it's not easy starting so low and it being expected to climb so high, but not everyone telling you you're doing a good job when you are doing a good job or with someone telling you you're not doing exactly okay.

Best of what they hsmpton now all all of birch harbor me housewives personals sudden misunderstood how to take joking from seriousness and now we're having an issue where our our fun and our professional is merging so much with the personal that's another chhat that my students are seeing that personal and professional emerging forcibly so much that they don't know the difference is they don't know how to take that time and rree management now, no one really does and in some senses in cases and so I again educators.

In the sense that mendon il housewives personals like to see um we like to make the situation easier, but I mean change in all ways, shapes and forms whether there's a student that's currently in your classroom right now that's struggling with an emotional distraught or confusion and what is they're hqmpton or there's something that's happening within what educators have to to tolerate and deal with advocacy has to happen for everyone.

You know chst skills to build upon you know life skills that we can use like balancing a checkbook. I see that.

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We're expected to be healers. You came back. Oh, I'm sorry.