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How to retrieve message in match I Am Look Big Dick

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How to retrieve message in match

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The following steps can be repeated to set up multiple conditions and actions within a single filter.

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You retieve also run the filter rules over existing mail. A Message object's message is the relative position of this Message in its Folder. Note: If it is not specified, subsequent filter rules are evaluated for the mail message, even if the current filter is a match.

This method is invoked only by the implementation classes. Parameters: flag - Flags.

Class message

Messages that are externally expunged by another source are marked "expunged" and return true for the isExpunged method, but they are not removed from the Folder until an explicit expunge is done on the Folder. If this is a new message or nested message, this method returns null. In the Perform the following actions area, choose an action from the drop-down list.

Messages that are expunged due to an explict expunge request on the containing Folder are removed from the Folder bow.

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You probably do not want to have the same message match more than one filter rule and undergo multiple, perhaps contradictory actions. Flag object containing the flag to reetrieve set set - the value to be set Throws: IllegalWriteException - if the underlying implementation does not support modification of existing values. All other methods except getMessage are invalid on an expunged Message object. This will result in a MessageChangedEvent being delivered yo any MessageChangedListener registered on this Message's containing folder.

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This prevents the application of any additional filter rules to messages that match the messagee rule. For example, "is" or "is not" could be shown.

Check this box to turn on the filter rule. Any means that if any of the conditions in the filter are met, apply the action. Note that the message for a particular Message can change during a session if other messages in the Folder are deleted and expunged.

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All mail from the "corporate-events" mailing list is tagged with the "Events" tag. Filtering your messages Filtering applies a set of matching rules to incoming mail and then executes a specified action. You can continue to add more conditions or proceed to the next part, which is to add one or more actions. Rehrieve Filters and click New Filter. Enter a word or phrase to compare against in the text field.

The default implementation uses the setFlags method.

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Clickto add more conditions. Specify a folder or tag name, if necessary. Check Do not process additional filters, if this is the only filter to be run on messages that meet the conditions of this filter. The Add Messwge dialog displays. See the description of expunge for more details on expunge handling.

This method is to be used only by ni implementation classes. The Edit Filter dialog displays with From and Subject set with this information from the message.

Ongoing and one-off messages: what’s the difference?

At the top of the Add Filter dialog is an Active check box. Right-click on the message, choose New Filter. Select from the first drop-down list which condition to use.

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Changes to filter rules are saved immediately. The Do not process additional filters action should be the last action within each filter rule.

Valid message s start at 1. In Filter Name, type a unique name for the filter rule.

The options displayed depend on your choice in the drop-down. If the filter conditions are correct, give the filter a name and click OK.

For example, you can create a ,essage as follows: All mail from your supervisor goes in "Management Directives" folder. You can continue to add more actions or click OK to finish. Note: You can also create a new filter from an message.

Choose a comparison method. The filter will be applied automatically to all new incoming mail messages as they arrive. All means that all of the conditions in the filter must be met in order to apply the filter action.

This is where you define the rule and the destination for the new filter. Jn can uncheck the Active box if you do not want a rule to run.

You can filter your incoming mail messages to sort them into folders, automatically tag them, forward them, or discard them. Clickto add more actions. What you specify depends on the action you choose. Messages that do not belong to hiw folder like newly composed or derived messages have 0 as their message .