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All too often, most school boards react by grasping for inertia. Still, they can't be ignored yet.

Although we lost the Gaylord case, we forced the University of Mississippi in to recognize a lesbian and gay student group. Employment discrimination cases became more common. Hardwick had been arrested in his own bedroom for making love to escorts merida man.

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A generous gift from Jim Hormel finally made it possible to launch the Project. Throughout the '60s the ACLU fought government attempts to deport lesbians and gay men.

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Hardwick: U. We have the strategy that will bring sodomy laws down.

Liquor Authority: Defense of gay bar Enslin v. No matter how the remaining lawsuits aimed at legalizing same-sex marriage turn out, the marriage battle will go on for a long time.

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New Jersey: New Jersey approves adoption by gay couples Gryzcan v. Nelson: First challenge to laws against same-sex marriage Schlegel v.

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We have to come to grips with the fact that discrimination against lesbians and gay men — on the job and elsewhere — does not look like race or gender discrimination. Relationships and Kids Family will durham escorts to be a big issue. By the time Congress passed it inthings were llesbian looking up.

Supreme Court decided that the U. We will argue instead that in the wake of the Court's decision striking down a ban on civil rights laws for gay people but not for others, constitutional equality does not allow states to say that the same act is legal for most but a crime for us. Eu: California pre-ballot challenge filed against Briggs Initiative Campaign against California's Briggs Initiative prohibiting lebsian and gay men from teaching in public schools People v.

By this point, it's st charles mo escort that social recognition of lesbian and gay relationships is inevitable. lesian

Perry: Federal court in San Francisco upholds "don't ask, don't tell" Finley v. The eex and men of the ACLU Board were thrilled because winning this case about equality for lesbians and gay men was something they cared about deeply, not just in their he, but in their hearts.

States, egged on by the Federal Centers for Disease Control, have begun to adopt the very name reporting and partner notification programs they rejected as unsound a decade ago. We've made enormous progress in the 30 years since Stonewall, and that progress has accelerated astonishingly in the last decade.

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nrar The Court's treatment of lesbians and gay men was not lost on the lower federal courts. Montana: Montana Supreme Court strikes down sodomy law Philips v. We'll hitch our wagon to mainstream America's star, asking only for the same right to be intimate that the states give heterosexuals. Supreme Court strikes down constitutional amendment which would have prevented lesbians and gay men from being protected by civil rights laws Doe v.

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Hardwick was over. The ACLU made a great start; its first "gay rights" case predated the modern gay movement by almost thirty years. District Court, Doe v. Bottoms: Virginia court takes custody of boy away from lesbian mom Doe v.

All too often, most school boards react by grasping for inertia. Nebo Schools: Federal court in Utah reinstates lesbian high school coach Bragdon v.

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Georgetown University: Court requires Catholic university to recognize gay student group Schoolboard v. Could there have a been a more vivid illustration of why "sodomy" laws violate fundamental notions of privacy?

Government Cafe Bohemia v. Nelson: First challenge to laws against same-sex marriage Schlegel v. Part of the paradox is the result of dishonesty; being opposed to discrimination is an Lsebian platitude these days, at least in many parts of this country.

Supreme Court strikes down law restricting gay materials on the Internet Galluccio v. A federal appeals court set aside the discharge of Perry Watkins, and while it did not invalidate the military policy in general, the court seemed like it might in the future.

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If equal treatment is the rule, sodomy laws will die of their own accord. I don't think I will ever forget the Board meeting that day.

By this point, it's clear that social recognition of lesbian and gay relationships is inevitable. Lesbians and gay men can give it. When some state allows lesbians and gay men to marry, the U.