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Chambers and Hamelin did not know the surname for "Carl" but provided police with a physical description and where he "hung around.

While Assistant State's Attorney Grapsas wrote out the statement, defendant answered questions, clarified points and made corrections. When considering an ineffective assistance claim, a reviewing court must look to counsel's total performance and not focus solely on isolated acts. Both Chambers and Hamelin made statements against their own interest, admitting their involvement in the hijacking and murders. Defendant then ed the form to show that he understood his rights and wanted to make a statement.

In addition, the facts learned by the police during their investigation of the crimes date, time, and location of the rape and murders; evidence collected from the vehicles, the Dumpster and the bodies; eyewitness testimony; lineup identification of Hamelin; and arrest of accomplices Johnson hxmelin Brown provided independent verification of a substantial part of Chambers' and Hamelin's statements, leading to an inference of reliability for the information identifying "Carl" as an accomplice.

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Such testimony is admissible even if the jury could conclude that police began looking for defendant as a result of their conversation with nontestifying witnesses, 'as long as the testimony does not gratuitously reveal the substance of [the nontestifying witnesses'] statements and so inform the jury that they told the police that the defendant was responsible for the crime. Defendant testified that he only knew that the police las cruces ca personals in the house when they appeared in the bedroom.

To demonstrate prejudice, defendant must "demonstrate a reasonable probability that, but for counsel's unprofessional errors, the result of the proceeding would have been different. Although both prongs of the test must be satisfied, an ineffective assistance claim may be disposed of on the prejudice grounds alone, without an examination of whether counsel was deficient. Defendant's voluntary incriminating statements were lawfully obtained at the police station during interrogation, regardless of whether the police had consent to enter defendant's girlfriend's home in order to arrest him, because they had probable cause.

Ramirez, 93 Ill.

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Assistant State's Attorney Grapsas had defendant read aloud each of the preprinted Miranda rights on the statement form. Fitch went to the restroom while Wilson remained outside the Blazer chatting with Lewis. Hamelin identified Brown as the driver and Bay as the front seat passenger.

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The reliability of an ordinary citizen need not be established as in the case of a paid informant. Defendant argues that because McGee was in the car with codefendants Brown and Johnson, he is from the criminal milieu and therefore his information in unreliable.

The ultimate burden of proving lack of probable cause remains with the defendant throughout the hearing. Defendant asserts that the hajelin were allowed into the home for the limited purpose of keeping out of the cold but presented no evidence to sustain this argument.

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He was not able to testify regarding how the officers entered the home because he hamepin upstairs. With four of his accomplices already in custody, there was a good probability that defendant would be preparing his escape to avoid arrest. In light of our determination that the trial court could properly conclude that the police had probable cause to arrest defendant and had received voluntary consent to enter the defendant's girlfriend's residence, we need not address defendant's argument that his in-custody oral and written statements should have been suppressed as the result hameiln an illegal arrest.

hameiln In order to establish ineffective assistance of counsel, defendant must prove that 1 his counsel's performance was deficient and 2 he was prejudiced by that deficiency. They were identified as Scott Chambers and Stanley Hamelin.

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The woman who answered the door and allowed the officers to enter was his girlfriend's mother. They had died of multiple gunshot wounds. The man who helped police locate defendant was an unknown person using Larry McGee's name.

McGee did not know whether Carl was involved in the hijacking. Chambers and Hamelin remained with Wilson and Lewis in the Blazer.

Even if there had universal chat no voluntary consent to enter, the trial court could properly find that exigent circumstances existed to justify the warrantless arrest. Brown demanded money from Lewis and then returned her to the Blazer. During brief questioning by Detective Turner, defendant denied any knowledge of the hijacking or the murders and refused to speak hanelin Detective Turner.

At the station, Bay was identified as Zarice Johnson. At a. Cuats consent to enter was voluntary is a question for the trial court to be determined from the totality cgats the circumstances, and the court's decision will not be set aside unless it is clearly erroneous. The record shows that the details defendant provided in those statements were corroborated by the physical evidence seeking a pentecostal woman eyewitness testimony presented at trial.

Defendant asserts that the only actual admissible evidence linking him to the offenses consisted of his post-arrest oral and written inculpatory statements and that defense counsel made defendant's conviction more probable with the harmful hearsay from the nontestifying codefendants and police informant and improper, prejudicial argument to the jury.

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If the totality of the circumstances known to the police at the time of arrest is sufficient to warrant a reasonably prudent person to believe that the suspect has committed a crime, then probable cause to arrest exists. We also note that the record does not reveal any specific inducements to Chambers and Hamelin to reveal their accomplices.

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Chambers and Hamelin were then transported to Area One headquarters. The police witnesses' testimony regarding how they ran the lineup, how they determined that five people were involved in the hijacking, and how they were led to defendant necessarily included discussion of the codefendants.

The trial court properly concluded that there was probable cause to arrest defendant. This does not constitute hearsay.

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Topps, Ill. Almodovar, Ill.

Police entry was consensual and peaceful. Defendant next argues that the trial court erred in denying his motion to quash because the police lacked a warrant for making the in-home arrest.

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White, Ill. Brasseur has played in about a hamelij films, including the popular comedies "Camping" and "La Boum", and has also appeared in many stage productions.

Shortly thereafter, Assistant State's Attorney Grapsas returned to the mission room alone and asked defendant privately how he had been treated by police. When I play, I feel like I'm going back to the playground where, with my friends, we used to have fun with policemen and thieves, cowboys and Indians. Applying the White factors, we find exigent circumstances were present.

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Defendant identified photographs of Chambers, Hamelin, Johnson, and Brown and referred to them in his statement. Chambers and Hamelin identified a Polaroid photograph of defendant as their accomplice "Carl.

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He was. The trial judge could properly find that defendant had not sustained his burden to show that entry sed not consensual. As the detectives were pulling away from Brown's home, Hamelin identified a grey Chevy Caprice driving down the street as belonging to Brown. When Chicago police removed the bodies from the Dumpster, they found Felicia's state identification card and contacted her family, who informed chatss of the hijacking and that the Blazer had been found in Sauk Village.