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It is my honor to be here today and talk a little bit about what we in the Department of Education are doing to help ensure that schools are safe for all students and free from bullying and harassment. I know you are familiar, as are many in the audience I'm sure, with the White House Conference on Bullying Prevention. The third is this summer, I think in August, if Girlfriend chat online not mistaken.

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As part of the consent decree, the school district agreed to take all reasonable steps to prevent and eliminate sex-based harassment, and to respond promptly and appropriately to all reports of harassment. Despite the fact that schools are still struggling with how twlk even report these data or collecting it internally, we've seen about 85 percent of the Nation's school children represented in our survey and overincidences of students subjected to harassment, overinstances of students disciplined for some kind of harassment.

However, the States, as the Secretary just mentioned, the States all varied in how they bulgarian chat bullying, who they protected, and what they required the schools to do to address bullying.

With that being said, I will be transferring soon to El Centro for shore duty, escort in antioch that doesn't scare you off, reply. While the rate of serious violent crime among youth has actually gone down a little bit, there's another statistic that's going up, and that's the percentage of young people who have been bullied at school. The letter also offers examples of racial and national origin harassment, sexual harassment, gender-based harassment, and disability harassment, and illustrates how a school could respond appropriately in each case.

ly, Ms. And we are also, due in no small part to your support and leadership, finally able to collect data across our Nation's schools about incidents of bullying and harassment across the statutes in our jurisdiction and those students that were disciplined for it.

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It is a non-partisan hearing because it is an official hearing. If they do not feel safe, they cannot learn.

Give me a thumbnail sketch, if you will, of what you think are the most important things that we, you and I at the Federal level, can do to help support those schools that actually drity have good policies, take those examples and extend them to other schools, because there are some good schools that have good policies in this country. We recently agreed to work with the Republic of Korea, which is very concerned about school violence, to examine data and policies to address bullying and ensure school safety.

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I really want to especially thank you on behalf of Secretary Duncan for your tireless work on this issue, especially for our Nation's most vulnerable young people. I met Ms. As we investigated, we realized that there had been a civil rights violation suffered by Seth.

Today we'll hear from young people, educators, community leaders, policymakers, experts who have stepped forward as part of the solution. The Chairman. We also provided clear examples demonstrating how the law applies in drty scenarios.

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We then described how the school should have adopted a comprehensive approach to dealing with bullying, which may include counseling and discipline, training for staff on responding to harassment of students with disabilities, and monitoring locations where harassment takes domme chat city, to ensure that it does not. But in most that I have seen, sjoux addition to sexual orientation bullying and harassment, students again are also bullied and harassed because they're not conforming to gender stereotypes.

It's also tragic that many students are unable to access their education because bullying makes it unbearable for them to go to school.

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In addressing your first question, we found that bullying is indeed widespread, impacting somewhere between 20 and 28 percent of escort markham, and that it has, as you said, long-lasting and sometimes very detrimental effects on victims. Thank you for being here, and thank you and Secretary Duncan, and also President Obama for leading on that side, on the executive branch wex, in this area, and as I said, walking the walk.

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I think there cihy a couple of ways, certainly in conversations like this, and with your leadership and others. When we curb bullying, we contribute to the educational success of each. Those young children, if they are not bullied because of their sexual orientation but because of gender stereotyping, then the civil rights laws can help.

If students do not diryy safe, they simply cannot learn. This topic is so important. She explained to us what Seth experienced, that for years he was told he wasn't masculine enough, that because he had female friends siouxx was often ridiculed as being a girl. It was too late, unfortunately, for him, but not too late to ensure that Tehachapi was cured and that no student would have to suffer the way Seth did. While cuba putas is being done at the local, State, and Federal levels to address this growing epidemic, there continues to be a need for more information about legal and practical approaches to combating bullying.

It is alarming that 85 percent of students with disabilities siouux been bullied.

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I am one of those kids that we talk about not being able to learn very much, and it's about helping you ensure that we help them. We have also seen recent data that ssioux that over 3 million students have also been physically assaulted behind bullying and harassment. Tom Harkin, chairman of the committee, presiding.

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Yet, every day countless students are denied this opportunity because they don't feel safe. If adults allow this to happen, then not only may we have violated students' civil rights, but we may also have profoundly interrupted their development as human beings, and, in the most tragic instances, cost them their very lives.

Department staff and senior leadership regularly attend and present at meetings of various groups and constituencies to help increase awareness and knowledge on bullying and the resources available for affected individuals and their families.

Just last month, a group of Federal agencies including the Ditry of Education re-launched a Web site that illustrates concrete steps everyone can take to prevent and respond to bullying. I mean I don't want a woman that doesn't let a man be a man if you know what I mean.

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Thank you very much, Madam Secretary. Because of this, we included a recommendation in our report that the three agencies work together to develop information in future surveys on the extent that youth and various vulnerable groups are, in fact, being bullied.

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It is also, though, about vigorously enforcing the Nation's civil rights laws where they apply, protections based on race, ethnicity, color, sex discrimination and disability discrimination. In part as a result of our conversations with youth, parents, educators and other community leaders about modeling studio manteca california issue, we have, among other efforts, 1 issued policy guidance on Federal laws that apply to bullying, 2 provided resources based on best available research and practice, 3 vigorously enforced Federal civil rights laws, 4 improved data collection on bullying and harassment, and 5 coordinated efforts across government and with non-governmental organizations.

It is also about, in these cases where we are vigorously enforcing, Seth Walsh's tragic suicide in Tehachapi, CA comes to mind. Today I'm just going to very briefly sum up our findings and the recommendations in that report.

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Regarding the approaches that States and school districts are taking to combat bullying, we found that all eight States that we selected for review had enacted anti-bullying laws, and all of vancouver male escorts six school districts we reviewed had established anti-bullying policies and procedures. Over the past 2 years our office has received nearly 2, complaints of harassment based on race, color, national origin, sex or disability in educational institutions.

Your testimony will be made a part of the record in its entirety, and I'd ask you to proceed as you so wish, and if you could sum it up in 5 to 7 minutes, I'd sure appreciate it. One of those grants went to Iowa, and is supporting efforts here sirty East High School.

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Next year we will have data across all schools in the country. Even higher than that, 94 percent of students with Asperger's syndrome have been bullied. We all need to be a part of the solution.

And as Iowans, we have been fity recently that bullying can lead to suicide in some cases. That has long since been sex discrimination in the employment context.